Air Quality
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Air Contaminant Publications and Resources


  1. Traffic-Related Air Pollution and All-Cause Mortality during Tuberculosis Treatment in California [2017]
    Blount RJ, Pascopella L, Catanzaro DG, Barry PM, English PB, Segal MR, Flood J, Meltzer D, Jones B, Balmes J, Nahid P
  2. The Imperial County Community Air Monitoring Network: a Model for Community-Based Environmental Monitoring for Public Health Action [2017]
    English, P.B., Olmedo, L., Bejarano, E., Lugo, H., Murillo, E., Seto, E., Wong, M., King, G., Wilkie, A., Meltzer, D. and Carvlin, G
  3. Development and field validation of a community-engaged particulate matter air quality monitoring network in Imperial, California, USA [2017]
    Carvlin GN, Lugo, H, Olmedo L, Bejarano E, Wilkie, A, Meltzer D, Wong, M, King G, Northcross A, Jerrett M, and English, P
  4. Health Impact Assessment of a Cap-and-Trade Framework [2010]
    Tracking California
  5. Public Health Impacts from Climate Change [2008]
    Basu R, English P
  6. Environmental Health Indicators of Climate Change for the United States: Findings from the State Environmental Health Indicator Collaborative [2007]
    English PB, Sinclair A, Ross Z, Anderson H, Boothe V, Davis C, Ebi K, Kagey B, Malecki K, Shultz R, Simms E
  7. A Breath of Fresh Air: How environmentalists, health experts, and poverty advocates are forging new coalitions to tackle an urban asthma epidemic [2005]
    Lomax G, Roberts E, English P
  8. Are frequent asthma symptoms among low-income individuals related to heavy traffic near homes, vulnerabilities, or both? [2008]
    Meng YY, Wilhelm M, Rull RP, English P, Nathan S, Ritz B
  9. Traffic and outdoor air pollution levels near residences and poorly controlled asthma in adults [2007]
    Meng YY, Wilhelm M, Rull RP, English P, Ritz B.
  10. Public Health Impacts of Climate Change in California: Community Vulnerability Assessments and Adaptation Strategies-- Report No. 1: Heat-Related Illness and Mortality [2007]
    Tracking California
  11. Use of health information in air pollution health research: past successes and emerging needs [2009]
    Thurston GD, Bekkedal MY, Roberts EM, Ito K, Pope CA, Glenn BS, Ozkaynak H, Utell MJ
  12. Environmental Public Health Tracking of Childhood Asthma Using California Health Interview Survey, Traffic and Outdoor Air Pollution Data [2008]
    Wilhelm M, Meng Y, Rull R, English P, Balmes J, Ritz B 


United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)

Under the Clean Air Act, the US EPA sets limits on how much of a pollutant is allowed in the air anywhere in the United States.

Office of Air and Radiation, US EPA

OAR develops national programs, technical policies, and regulations for controlling air pollution and radiation exposure.

Program on Indoor Air Quality, US EPA

Learn how to protect your health by improving indoor air quality in your home.

AirData, US EPA

The AirData Web site gives you access to air pollution data for the entire United States, pulling from two EPA data sources: Air Quality System (AQS) and National Emission Inventory (NEI).

AirNow, US EPA

Current air quality information from the US EPA for your area.

Toxic Release Inventory, US EPA

US EPA's Toxic Release Inventory (TRI).  This database tracks emissions of toxic pollutants from industrial and commercial facilities.

California Air Resources Board (CARB), California Environmental Protection Agency

The ARB is responsible for setting and enforcing standards for air quality, motor vehicles, fuels, and consumer products.  The ARB also conducts research, monitors

CARB Online Services and Databases

The CARB provides several online services and databases.