Housing And Poverty

Definition of Reported Measures

  • Age of Housing estimates the number and percent of housing units built before 1978.
  • Children living below federal poverty limit estimated the number and percent of children under 5yrs of age who live below the federal poverty limit.

Data Sources

  • 2010 U.S. Census, Summary File 3
  • American Community Survey 5-year estimates

Limitations of the Data

  • Housing data from the U.S. census do not include information on renovations or on the condition of the housing.
  • Poverty, defined by the Census, is based on annual income reported, and does not take into account geographic location.

Suggested Citation

Tracking California, Public Health Institute. Housing and Poverty data. Accessed [Month/Day/Year] from www.trackingcalifornia.org/housepov/query.

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