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Tracking Awareness Week 2020: Faces of Tracking
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July 9th, 2020

At Tracking California our work is created by public health experts with a diverse set of skills and knowledge. We have staff who support the program in a number of ways, including health education, outreach, community engagement, spatial analysis, data interpretation, and research. Hear from three of Tracking CA's newest staff below:

Image of Niani Coker and quote: "Tracking truly represents what it means to go beyond data and into the action of community support. Through my work on the CA Sickle Cell Surveillance program I Image of Catherine Carpenter and quote: "Tracking California is tackling key issues surrounding environmental health and justice. As part of the data team, I bring these issues to life through mapping and visualization. By making data accessible and interactive, I work with Tracking to highlight underlying environmental and societal burdens and mobilize change for healthier communities." Sophia Horiuchi

Our work also depends on our partners and the projects they have asked us to support them on. Through technical assistance and project support, we look to strengthen relationships between community-based organizations and government agencies. Hear from our newest Tracking Implementation Advisory Group Members and one of our newest community partners below:

Image of Emily Marquez and quote: "I really like that Tracking provides accessible information for the public in a visual format that can be manipulated or engaged by the user. The data that Tracking has on its website is really helpful in a public facing org like mine, where people come asking for information on pesticide use in CA?I like referring them to the Pesticide Mapping Tool website, rather than pesticide use reports that are not accessible for laypeople." Ryan Atencio and quote: "Tracking California is nimble, capable and able to look at the latest issues in environmental health.  In the case of my work in air quality and environmental justice, we look to groups like Tracking for data that can help inform our EJ efforts in the most vulnerable communities in the State." Image of Ruben Rodriguez and quote: "The help that Tracking California provides to our agency if of extreme value, the professionalism and great work ethic makes the partnership a blessing in these times of uncertainty. I would like to continue the partnership with Tracking CA in being able to expand my knowledge of air quality and the work that needs to be done around the central valley. I aspire to bring true change and awareness in these communities that have been socially excluded and help build leadership in the area of air quality."