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Tracking Awareness Week 2020: Improving Processes
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July 8th, 2020

Tracking data are a valuable resource for public health leaders. The data are critical to untangle the intricate relationships between environment and health, and to develop science-backed policies. Tracking data has been used to:

  • Identify communities most vulnerable to environmental pollution
  • Promote public health through education, interventions, or policies
  • Save money by improving the speed and accuracy of public health responses

Work from Tracking California has affected recent important policy decisions, include the Community Air Protection Program (AB 617).

Tracking California's groundbreaking work on community air monitoring in Imperial County was essential in the development of AB 617, a bill to reduce air pollution exposure in the most impacted communities. This effort includes two major components: 1) community air monitoring and 2) community emissions reduction programs. The bill establishes grants to community-based organizations to support their AB 617 and build capacity to become active partners with government. Funded activities including but are not limited to: community engagement and outreach, support for community-operated air monitoring, and data collection and analysis.