Newsletter Archive

Sickle Cell Disease Surveillance, Climate Change Indicators, Pesticide Tool Webinar, and New Staff! [November 2019]

  • Updates on sickle cell surveillance
  • New climate change indicators from Cal-BRACE now on our website
  • Announcement for Pesticide Mapping Tool Webinar 
  • Four new staff members! 

New PFAS Maps and More! [September 2019]

  • Presenting new maps built in ArcGIS displaying PFAS measurements across CA water systems
  • Two new publications on our community air monitoring work in Imperial County
  • More program updates: 2017 pesticide data now available, Tracking at APHA, two new drinking water contaminant studies

It's Tracking Week and we're going "Beyond Data"! [July 2019]

  • Unique data
  • Expanding partnerships
  • Affecting policy
  • Faces of tracking
  • Celebrating success!

CEHTP News: A look back at 2018 [January 2019]

  • Community air monitoring updates
  • Presenting the Sickle Cell Data Collection project 
  • Tracking harmful algal blooms
  • The utility of the Water Boundary Tool
  • Looking ahead? 

CEHTP News: In California, We Track That  [July 2018]

  • Announcing Tracking Awareness Week
  • Advancing community air monitoring
  • Improving efforts to collect drinking water system data, 
  • Assessing the economic costs of pollution on health:
  • Sharing data on our website

CEHTP News: Study finds 1 in 10 premature births due to air pollution [April 2018]

  • New findings show high costs of premature birth
  • Premature birth is still a problem
  • Air pollution is linked to premature birth

CEHTP News: Tracking Harmful Algal Blooms [February 2018]

  • Some natural algal blooms produce harmful toxins 
  • Harmful algal blooms are increasing 
  • Impacts go beyond recreational activities
  • How to identify a harmful algal bloom
  • HABs are dangerous to humans and other animals
  • CEHTP will track human and animal HABs deaths and illnesses
  • Multi-agency effort to increase HABs awareness and coordination
  • More HABs Resources

CEHTP News: It's Lead Poisoning Prevention Week #LeadTestInTheWest [October 2017]

  • It's National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week
  • The need to #LeadTestInTheWest
  • Activities for Lead Poisoning Prevention Week
  • Ways to get involved!

CEHTP News: What are the top 10 agricultural pesticides used near you?  [May 2017]

  • What's your top 10? Check out the new feature on our Pesticide Mapping Tool
  • Register for our Pesticide Mapping Tool webinar
  • New article on our work with pesticide use report data "Environmental Health Tracking Improves Pesticide Use Data to Enable Research and Inform Public Health Actions in California"

CEHTP News: DPR regs, new cancer research, air monitoring in Coachella  [March 2017]

  • DPR modifies regulations on pesticide use near schools.  Comments due April 4th. 
  • New research on childhood cancers due to the environment
  • New community air monitoring project in 
  • the Eastern Coachella Valley
  • Help inform California's Biomonitoring Program
  • Updated data on CEHTP website

CEHTP News: DPR proposes new rules on pesticide use near schools [October 2016]

  • Public Comment Period through November 17th
  • Tracking Pesticide Use Near Schools
  • The Need for Better Data
  • Additional Pesticide Resources

CEHTP News: Community Air Monitoring Website Launched at the Border [October 2016]

  • Community Air Monitoring Website Launched at the Border
  • Information for action
  • Community and scientific priorities
  • Community-generated data to support regional change
  • .

CEHTP News: Tools to map pesticide use and drinking water systems [May 2016]

  • Updated pesticide mapping tool and June 15th webinar
  • New drinking water system map viewer

CEHTP News: Electronic Health Records and Diabetes  [February 2016]

  • Describe the state of EHR use in California
  • Identify challenges in EHR adoption and data reporting
  • Analyze the practicality, validity, and surveillance utility of glycohemoglobin as a marker for diabetes prevalence or control
  • Describe the potential utility and barriers for use of EHR in public health surveillance

New report on cost of environmental hazards on children's health [June 2015]

  • The report describes the economic costs due to the environment for four childhood health conditions 
  • We found that:
    • Preventable environmental hazards cost California $254 million every year
    • Lead exposures had the greatest overall financial impact of the four health conditions
    • Asthma had the greatest financial impact on an annual basis
    • In California the environment contributes to 30% of the childhood asthma burden and 15% of the childhood cancer burden

CEHTP News: Upcoming events and new resources [March 2015]

  • Workshop: GIS for Community Impact in Breast Cancer
  • CDPH Launches Open Data Portal
  • Nationwide Successes in Environmental Public Health Tracking
  • Virtual Conference on Environmental Public Health Tracking
  • New Tool: Regional Opportunity Index

CEHTP News: ALS Surveillance Project [November 2014]

  • CEHTP Completes ALS Surveillance Project
  • New Data on CEHTP Portal
  • New Data on National Environmental Health Tracking Program Portal
  • Community Health Studies Website in Spanish

CEHTP News: Informing Drought Planning Efforts [August 2014]

  • Using CEHTP data and other resources used to prevent and mitigate some of the most severe effects of the drought
  • Health risks from wildfires: a growing public health concern
  • CEHTP prepares for geocoding service transition

CEHTP News: Pesticides and Schools Report Release [April 2014]

  • Agricultural pesticide use near schools
  • CEHTP conducts study to track pesticide use near schools
  • Overall, we found that: 
    • Most schools did not have any pesticides of public health concern used nearby
    • A small percentage of schools had many pounds of these pesticides used nearby
    • Hispanic children were more likely to attend schools near the highest pesticide use
  • Results can inform future research and decision-making 
  • Study indicates the need for better data

CEHTP News: Planning and Health [January 2014]

  • Planning: What's Health Got To Do With It?
    • (Re)convergence of Planning and Public Health
    • Long-Range Planning for Healthy Communities
    • Evaluating Health Impacts of New Developments
    • Planning for Climate Change and Public Health
    • Using Environmental Health Data for Planning
  • CEHTP Contributes to New Research on Pesticides and Birth Defect 

CEHTP News: Data Services and CalEnviroScreen [July 2013]

  • CEHTP provides data analysis and linkage services
  • CalEnviroScreen uses CEHTP data
  • CEHTP data services have also been used by other organizations to study heat alerts, the relationship between agricultural pesticides and birth defects, and the relationship between traffic pollution and asthma
  • New Data Available on National Tracking Portal

In memory of Craig Wolff [June 2013]

Craig David Wolff, Geospatial Sciences Director for the California Environmental Health Tracking Program, passed away from an aortic aneurysm on April 30th, 2013 at age 40. Craig's enthusiasm and dedication to providing timely information about and resources to vulnerable communities in California will be remembered as one of his primary legacies.