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Retirement of the Water Boundary Tool 

Update: We are no longer supporting the ability to download service area boundaries, though these can still be viewed on the map viewer.  You can download the service area boundary data via the Waterboards or by contacting them at DDW-PLU@waterboards.ca.gov.

June 3, 2020

Dear Water Boundary Tool user,

I'm writing to let you know that we're making the difficult decision to retire the Water Boundary Tool (WBT) on July 1, 2020.  Tracking California created the WBT over a decade ago in order to support public health research, planning, and emergency response.  In this time, with the active participation of water systems and other qualified data contributors, we've collected over 4,800 boundaries and provided data to over 6,200 users.  However, we've been operating the WBT and providing support to our users without sufficient funding for many years, and we are unable to continue in this fashion without detriment to our program.  At the same time, the State has recognized the importance of this work, and the CA Waterboards is currently building its own tool and intends to take on the assembly and maintenance of public water system service area boundaries. 

What this means for our users:

We recognize that these data are critical to public health, and Waterboards has assured us that they will continue to make their data publicly available to our community of users.  Tracking CA is not involved in the planning or development of the Waterboards tool.  If you have questions or concerns about their new tool and data collection efforts, please contact DDW-PLU@waterboards.ca.gov.

I'm proud that Tracking California's WBT and the dedicated project team behind it have paved the way for Waterboards- whose staff have been using our tool and data for many years- to take on this essential public health function.   

Finally, I want to acknowledge the many water systems, districts, and others who have shared their data through our tool. These contributions have and will continue to support countless public health activities throughout the state.     

Thank you again for your interest, use, and support of the tool these past years.  

Paul English
Director, Tracking California