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Advisory Group

The Tracking Implementation Advisory Group (TIAG) was formed to guide the successful implementation of an Environmental Health Tracking system in California.

The TIAG has significantly influenced Tracking California's ability to understand and provide essential services to other public agencies and organizations, as well as to successfully respond to priorities from diverse communities throughout California. TIAG members represent various stakeholder groups including federal, state and local health agencies; environmental health organizations; data stewards; academic institutions; private partners; and non-governmental organizations.

Name Position Organization
Aguirre Jr., Gustavo Organizer Central California Asthma Coalition
Amsalem, Genevieve Research and Policy Director Central California Environmental Justice Network
Argüello, Martha Executive Director Physicians for Social Responsibility -- Los Angeles
Atencio, Ryan Air Resources Engineer California Air Resources Board, CalEPA
August, Laura Research Scientist Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, CalEPA
Beveridge, Brian (alt to Ms. Margaret Gordon) Co-Director West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project
Nyisha Green Washington Senior Organizing Manager Breast Cancer Prevention Partners
Capilla, Morgan Environmental Review Branch US EPA Region 9
Copan, Lori Section Chief Environmental Health Investigations Branch, CDPH
Fujimoto, Scott Public Health Medical Officer Center for Health Statistics and Informatics, CDPH
Gordon, Ms. Margaret Co-Director West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project
Harnly, Martha Retired EHIB, DEODC, CDPH
Jones, Felica Director Healthy African-American Families II
Katten, Anne Project Director California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation
Kite, Linda Director Healthy Homes Collaborative
Krawczyk, Chris Chief Analytics Officer Healthcare Analytics Branch, California Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI)
London, Jonathan Director Center for Regional Change, University of California at Davis (UCD)
Margolis, Helene Associate Adjunct Professor UC Davis School of Medicine, Dept of Internal General Medicine
Marquez, Emily Staff Scientist Pesticide Action Network North America
Milet, Meredith (alt. to Abigail Ramirez) Research Scientist Office of Health Equity, CDPH
Mills, Paul Epidemiologist UCSF Fresno
Olmedo, Luis Executive Director Comite Civico del Valle
Patton, Sharlyle Director Health and Environment Program, Commonweal
Park, Hye-Youn Manager California Air Resources Board
Ramirez, Abigail Health Program Specialist Office of Health Equity, CDPH
Reeves, Margaret (alt. to Emily Marquez) Senior Scientist Pesticide Action Network North America
Rincon, Michael (alt. to Martha Argüello) Research and Policy Manager Physicians for Social Responsibility -- Los Angeles
Ryan, Sarah Deputy Tribal Administrator/ Environmental Director Big Valley Rancheria of Pomo Indians
Schlag, Robert Retired Center for Environmental Health, CDPH
Van Den Eeden, Stephen Senior Investigator Division of Research, Kaiser Permanente
Wagner, Jeff Branch Chief Outdoor Air Quality Section, Environmental Health Laboratory, CDP
Washington, Nyisha Green Senior Organizing Manager Breast Cancer Prevention Partner