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Current Projects

Previous Projects

Agricultural Pesticides Near Public Schools

This study examined the use of agricultural pesticides near California public schools in 2010.

AIRE Digital Stories

Tracking California worked with the AIRE Collaborative and StoryCenter to develop digital stories highlighting lived experiences and work to improve air quality in environmental justice communities.

ALS Metropolitan Surveillance

A retrospective surveillance research project in two diverse metropolitan areas: Los Angeles (LA) county and the San Francisco Bay Area (SFBA). The large diverse sample allowed us to describe the epidemiology of ALS cases in these metro areas and calculate incidence rates by race and ethnicity.

Breast Cancer Mapping Project

This study mapped areas of California with elevated breast cancer rates based on input from community stakeholders.

Community Air Monitoring

Tracking California provided technical assistance to community groups across the state to help set up particulate matter and methane monitoring networks using low-cost sensor technology.

Cost of Environmental Health Conditions in California Children

An analysis of economic burden of four childhood conditions related to the environment: asthma, cancer, lead exposures, and neurobehavioral disorders.

COVID and Air Pollution Study

In this study, we examined over 3 million SARS-CoV-2 infections and about 50,000 COVID-19 deaths in California from Feb 2020 to Feb 2021 to evaluate risks associated with long-term neighborhood levels of PM2.5


The Hormones And Meat: does Beef Under-Regulation Generate Estrogenic Residues? (HAMBURGER) is a preliminary investigation into the potential impact of hormone residues in beef on breast cancer risk.

Hidden Lead

An analysis of the effectiveness of childhood lead screening strategies across the states.

Imperial Community Air Monitoring

The Imperial Air Project established a community air monitoring network to to provide real-time air quality data to residents.

Preterm Birth Cost

Over 3,000 premature births in California could be avoided by reducing preventable PM pollution, saving $170 million each year.

Tapwater Analysis Project (TAP)

Investigating drinking water contaminants and cancer risk in California with the Tapwater Analysis Project (TAP).

Water Boundary Tool

Tracking California initiated and operated the first statewide effort to collect and digitize maps of California's public drinking water systems service areas through the creation of the Water Boundary Tool.