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What is Tracking California?

Tracking California is a program of the Public Health Institute, in partnership with the California Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) National Environmental Public Health Tracking Program.

We work to make environmental and health data and information publicly-available, accessible and useful to a variety of stakeholders including communities, governments, academia, and private partners.

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Our data and tools

Data Explorer

Discover environmental and health datasets in our Data Explorer.

Visualize time trends and download data on air quality, maternal and infant health, and more.

Traffic Tool

Explore estimates of traffic volumes across California.

Query traffic volumes for specific locations and download the results as a report or spreadsheet.

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Our work with communities

We work in partnership with communities on a variety of activities, including research, data dissemination, and trainings. We aim to integrate community knowledge, experiences, and expertise into our work, while also supporting community capacity-building.

We strive to engage in equitable, community-led collaborations where we can work together to meaningfully advance environmental justice and health equity.

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Our environmental and health topics

Tracking California works on a variety of environmental and public health topics. Explore information, projects, publications, and resources by topic.

Our team and approach

We are a mix of health educators, data analysts, communication and policy experts, and research scientists, who work together using our breadth of skills and depth of knowledge to mobilize data for public health.

We use GIS and analysis to understand and visualize trends in data and utilize storytelling and interviews to explore individual and community level impacts. We create maps, infographics, storymaps, and videos, alongside published papers and conference papers to share our work.

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