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  • Catherine Carpenter, MAS (she/her)

    Research Data Analyst

    Catherine enjoys working with Tracking California to tackle key issues surrounding environmental health and justice. As part of the data team, she brings these issues to life through mapping and visualization. She helps make air, water, pesticide, and other health and hazard data accessible and interactive in order to highlight underlying environmental and societal burdens and mobilize change for healthier communities.

  • David Chang, MA

    Project Coordinator

    David provides administrative support to the program with budgets, finances, and partner contracts. He is also part of the outreach/communications team working to make environmental health data and information accessible. David works on a number of Tracking CA's projects related to community air monitoring and is also involved in the California Water: Assessment of Toxins for Community Health (Cal-WATCH) project.He is interested in visual storytelling, using maps as educational tools to highlight environmental injustice and health disparities, youth leadership, and the use of community owned data to inform action.

  • Catie Clyde, MPH, CPH

    Research Data Analyst

    Catie provides data support for the National Environmental Public Health Tracking Program and the Sickle Cell Data Collection program. She has a diverse background, with experience in epidemiology, harm reduction, and clinical research. She is passionate about the importance of a strong public health surveillance system that makes data accessible for evidence-based decision making by policymakers, community-based organizations, and the public.

  • Niani Coker, MPH, CHES

    Program Specialist

    Niani's primary areas of expertise are project management, program coordination, and community health education/outreach. Through working on various Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) projects she helps to identify gaps in data that are helpful to better understanding healthcare utilization in the sickle cell community. She enjoys working closely with SCD community organizations and support groups that help inform the types of data projects that would be most meaningful to the SCD community. She also works to manage deliverables and deadlines for projects and prepare contracts for new program partnerships. Her interests include health literacy, public health disparities, and developing productivity systems and tools.

  • Paul English, PhD, MPH


    Paul directs Tracking California and is responsible for the program's overall management, fundraising, and research activities. He serves as the Principal Investigator for multiple contracts and grants and for PHI's National Environmental Public Health Tracking (NEPHT) contract with the National Center for Environmental Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Currently, his focus is on community-based low-cost air sensor networks, water quality, pesticide exposure, and vulnerable population (such as farmworker) health. He is dedicated to responding to community needs and concerns regarding environmentally-related disease by integrating environmental epidemiology, health education, and community participation.

  • Sophia Horiuchi (she/her)

    Research Data Analyst

    Sophia works to make data accessible to the public as a member of the data team. Her work includes data analysis and data linkage for the Sickle Cell Data Collection Program, updating the Tracking California data portal, assisting with the calibration of community air monitors, as well as other data analysis projects.

  • El Hsieh (they/them)

    Program Adminstrator

    El provides administrative support to all of Tracking California's projects and staff. They help the program run smoothly and efficiently through a focus on budget and finances, grant proposals, and internal organization. El also contributes to DEI work and program outreach, including health education and social media efforts. They are committed to uplifting vulnerable communities in the fight for climate and health equity. In their free time, El enjoys collecting vinyl records, going on hikes, and caring for their two cats.

  • Isabella Kaser, MPH (she/her)

    Climate Resilience Project Manager

    Isabella’s passion for environmental justice and health equity guides her to advocate for systematic changes in support of communities that have been consistently uninvested in. Her work involves community-based participatory research at the intersection of exposure science, climate change, and environmental justice. She supports an array of projects to enhance resilience in communities vulnerable to climate change and public health threats. She is interested in building the capacity of community partners to advance community-driven solutions to ultimately achieve true community ownership and power.

  • Max Richardson, MPH, MCP (he/him)

    Policy Director

    Max collaborates with Tracking California data, research, and communications teams to move environmental health data to public action. He focuses on research and policy related to climate change, pesticides, air pollution, and other environmental health issues. He serves as Co-Investigator of Tracking California's Environmental Health Tracking grant from the CDC.

  • Scarlet Sands-Bliss (she/her)

    Research Data Analyst

    Scarlet is an analyst with Tracking California’s data team. Currently she manages the water quality submission for the CDC Environmental Health Tracking Grant and assists in data collection, management, and analysis for the CHARM project, which addresses climate-related health hazard mitigation for vulnerable populations in Lake County. Scarlet has a background in epidemiology as well as mixed-methods, community engaged research. She is committed to elevating community knowledge through using compelling data that advocates for health-promoting water, air, and environments for all Californians.

  • Renata Valladares, MSGH

    Program Manager

    Renata provides managerial and administrative support for several Tracking California projects. In the Achieving Resilient Communities initiative, she collaborates with local community organizations and public agencies to promote farmworker health. Renata's background is in engineering and global health, and she has extensive experience working in Latin America in rural development and climate change mitigation.

  • Jhaqueline Valle Palominos, MPH

    Division Director

    Jackie leads Tracking California's data team. She oversees the data flow for many content areas, serving as a liaison with data system owners to access data, manage datasets, and coordinate data analyses. She serves as the Principal Investigator for the Sickle Cell Data Collection Program and other related projects. She is interested in health disparities and highlighting inequities through data.

  • Alexa Wilkie, MHS, MS

    Deputy Director

    Alexa works to support and strengthen the Tracking California team to grow and deepen its work. She leads strategic planning for the program, oversees allocation of resources and staff across different projects, manages budgeting, finances and contracts for all projects, facilitates submission and administration of grants, and participates in planning and implementation of individual projects. She is driven by a commitment to promoting access to health care and healthy living conditions for underserved communities, and is most inspired by projects that involve strong partnership with community organizations.

  • Jo Wilkin, PhD, MSc (she/her)

    Research Scientist

    Jo is a Research Scientist within Tracking California and specialises in big data, geospatial analysis, and data visualisation. She currently leads the Traffic project, which aims to create a state-wide and high-resolution traffic dataset that can be queried within a new iteration of the Traffic Tool that Tracking Program hosted several years ago. Jo also provides geospatial analysis and visualisation support for additional projects across the Tracking program. Jo has a background in geographic data science, with a focus on using innovative data sources and methods to address data scarcity and sparsity within social and environmental issues.

  • Michelle Wong, MPH (she/her)

    Health Communications Director

    Michelle coordinates Tracking California's health education, communication, and community engagement activities. In addition to supporting the health education team, she also works on projects that focus on air quality, drinking water, respiratory health, and contaminated sites. She is interested in advancing health equity and environmental justice by making data and information more accessible, understandable, and actionable through collaboration with community, non-governmental, government, and academic partners.