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Cal-WATCH Resources

Resources for Properties with Wells and Intakes

Wells or Intakes: Treatment/Filtration
Help with Treatment/Filtration Assessment:

California Rural Water Association:

Operational Technical Services:

  • Please contact David Sibelman for assessment of well or intake treatment/filtration system.
California State Water Resources Control Board
Information on Treating Drinking Water in Areas Where Cyanotoxins may be Present (We recommend that you share this with anyone advising on your treatment or filtration system):
Drinking Water Testing (for further testing of your water, if desired):

Wells Only

  • Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC): Please contact Phillip Rice

  • Free Well Assessments: RCAC offers a program for free well assessments for homeowners. With this program an RCAC representative can visit a person's home, go over best practices for well care, and advise on resources available for homeowners to help address drinking water issues. This program works closely with the University of Illinois to bring education and resources to folks with issues. If any residents are interested, please request a free well assessment using the following links.

  • California Department of Pesticide Regulation Groundwater Protection Program: Free testing of well water for pesticides. Please contact

  • Homeowners can also go here to sign up for free webinars, submit questions, and access their resource library.