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Community Air Monitoring

Building on the success of the Imperial County Community Air Monitoring Project, Tracking California provided technical assistance to community-based organizations to set up community air monitoring networks across the state.

Tracking California worked with several recipients of the first round of California Air Resources Board's Assembly 617 Community Air Grants to help set up low-cost particulate matter monitoring networks in Eastern Coachella Valley, the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco, West Fresno County and Kings County.

Tracking California also provided technical assistance support to develop and pilot low-cost methane technology in Imperial County, the San Joaquin Valley, and Western Fresno and Kings County.

As each project's needs were different, we provided support through:

  1. Education, Capacity Building, and Training
  2. Community Engagement
  3. Monitor Deployment, Calibration, and Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  4. Data Management, Display, Communication, and Interpretation

Data from the particulate matter (PM) air monitoring networks can be found on the following sites:

To learn more about the pilot methane monitoring project, please contact Comite Civico del Valle.

Key Project Information

Project Time Period

2018 - 2021

Project Funder

Tracking California was subcontracted by the community partners listed below who were funded by the California Air Resources Board's community air grants, as part of the Community Air Protection Program.

Project Partners

Project Contact

For more information, please contact

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