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Hidden Lead

Tracking California used new analytical methods to estimate that during 1999-2010, most states may have missed more than half of their lead-poisoned children.

Nationally, only 64% of lead-poisoned children were identified. In California, only 37% of lead-poisoned children were identified.

The findings from this study suggest that recent lead poisoning estimates that are based solely on clinical data are too low and many lead-poisoned children remain undiagnosed and untreated.

For the U.S. overall, about 60% of lead-poisoned children were found.

The effectiveness of screening and testing practices varied by state.

Key Project Information

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Project Funder

The National Environmental Public Health Tracking Program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cooperative agreement number 5U38EH000953.

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Project Publications

  1. Analysis of multiple-variable missing-not-at-random survey data for child lead surveillance using NHANES [2016] Eric Roberts, Paul English
  2. Assessing Child Lead Poisoning Case Ascertainment in the US, 1999-2010 [2017] Eric Roberts, Daniel Madrigal, Jhaqueline Valle, Galatea King, Linda Kite

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